We are: a “principals only” management consulting firm focused on maximizing value in M&A transactions, managing geopolitical & reputational risk, providing unique insight based on actionable intelligence, and executing growth strategies.  Our seasoned experts in financial services, litigation support, intelligence, national security, and regulatory affairs partner with our clients, as well as their bankers, accountants, brokers and lawyers, to provide seamless solutions.

Our story: inspired by rock climbers in the 1970s who, after extensive preparation and flawless execution, memorialized a successful free climb by drawing a red dot – a redpoint – at the base of the cliff.  We believe the same principles apply in business.  With strategic planning, appropriate risk management and diligent execution, we help our clients achieve their redpoint on whatever they are seeking to conquer.

What drives us: the Redpoint name represents more than a metaphor. It represents the deliberate intent of Redpoint’s founders to break the mold of traditional advisory services. To build a results-oriented advisory firm. To serve clients better. To embrace our clients’ objectives as our own. To share in collective success.